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Tucker Fish, a Santa Rosa kid entrepreneur

Wednesday, Nov. 14th 2012

I’ve had a lot of interesting assignments, but this photo shoot was particularly fun and I even got to taste the props on the job … mouthwatering. I snapped photos of 13-year old Tucker Fish and his latest invention, a candy bar. He’s calling it the College Bound Bar because he hopes to make it to college from his earnings and help other kids with … Read more »

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In The News! Read our New Article in The Napa Valley Register…

Saturday, Apr. 21st 2012

Rosemary Kempton has written a lovely article about me and my life’s work of photography, published on the front page of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Napa Valley Register, April 19, 2012. The article is titled, “The world through his lens:  Napa photographer of French descent tries to uplift people.”

In the article, Kempton discusses how, through the art of photography, I give … Read more »

Mission Peace in Vietnam: Part 2

Wednesday, Feb. 29th 2012

On my second trip to Vietnam in January 2002, with Steve Warren, and Mission Peace, I was able to focus more on the culture and the villagers of the countryside who had never, ever been photographed before. For a few precious days during this trip, I was with a Vietnamese nun who spoke French. She and I were deep in the Mekong Delta where people … Read more »

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Mission Peace in Vietnam: Part 1

Thursday, Jan. 19th 2012

In Vietnam, children who are born with congenital deformities, or children who become handicapped because of illness such as polio, are ostracized, not allowed to attend school, nor are they able to work as adults. These children are truly condemned. With surgery, not only are they able to walk, but they become assimilated into their communities where they can be productive members of society. Mission … Read more »

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Baby photography on Permanent Exhibit at Queen of the Valley Hospital, Napa CA

Tuesday, Nov. 22nd 2011

In October, I hung a collection of maternity and baby photographs in the Maternity Ward of Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa, CA. This is a permanent collection of both pregnancy pictures, as well as several photographs from my Bebe Collection. The Bebe collection encompasses the first year of a child’s life from newborn, to 12 months.

Previously, the walls were quite stark in … Read more »

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Family Service of Napa Valley

Tuesday, Aug. 3rd 2010

The longer I live in Napa, the more I realize what a special community this is.  All of the jewels of a civilized city are here: the arts thrive, food and wine are second to none, and believe it or not, social services are incredible for people in need.  I am proud to live here, and even more thrilled to be giving back to my … Read more »

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Community Resources for Children

Tuesday, May. 25th 2010

When I became a professional photographer years ago, my goal was to be an artist who gives back to the community. Over the years, I have been steadfast with my belief that the more you give back, the more rooted you are in the community in which you live; everyone benefits, and I have been able to be true to myself, my art, and my … Read more »

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My Community – StoneBridge School, Napa, CA

Thursday, May. 13th 2010

As a young boy I attended a very strict boarding school for boys – while my education was certainly academically sound, the atmosphere was stern and lacked an appreciation for the creative. My creative muse was found a little later in life and is what inspires me today. Now as a father, I am so inspired by my son’s school and educational curriculum- it makes … Read more »

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