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Commercial Photography at Napa Wealth Management in Downtown Napa

Christophe Genty is a commercial and event photographer based in Napa Valley who works throughout the Napa Valley, The San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond.

I was recently asked back to Napa Wealth Management to photograph the staff in order to augment their rebranding initiative and give a clearer picture of their personal and professional commitment to managing family finances. After our initial meeting before the session, George McCuen, founder and president, asked me to use my artistic vision to capture formal and casual photographs showcasing the personality of each individual member in order to create a more personable feel. He also wanted to refresh their group shot that included their place of business, a beautifully renovated building located in downtown Napa. For this project, striking that balance between personal and professional would be the key.

I created a detailed schedule for the afternoon of the session; it was timed perfectly. We began with two short sessions for each member. The first session included professional headshots and formal portraits in each person’s office and in the lobby, showcasing the individual in their actual workspace. Even Pippa, George and Maria’s bulldog, was able to take part!

After a quick wardrobe change, the second session, a more casual affair, captured each person’s interests outside of the workspace. We then wrapped up the day by taking some great group shots in front of the building.

After our viewing session at my Napa studio a couple of weeks later, it was clear that our collective vision for the project had worked out very well. This commercial session quickly turned into a very enjoyable time with some great people whom I now know better. The photographs came out beautifully.

Thank you, Napa Wealth Management, for providing the opportunity to capture the depth of your staff’s personalities, interests, hard work, and allowing me to find and capture that perfect balance.


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