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Napa & Sonoma Elopement Photography | Eloping in The Wine Country

Napa Elopement PhotographyJust the word, “elope” evokes thoughts of a clandestine meeting by the old oak tree to run-off with a secret lover to marry.  My mind reels and my heart skips a beat.  In the old days, a couple would elope if they were running away from something or someone…

These days, elopements happen all the time, and the definition of the word itself has changed.  There are many couples who decide to elope for a myriad of reasons, not necessarily because they are trying to be secretive, more likely, the couple wants an intimate and romantic wedding with out all the drama of entertaining the masses.  Or they decide to elope because they are looking to save money.

Occasionally, a couple really does want to elope in the true sense of the word:  they just can’t wait another minute to marry!

In keeping with the ever-increasing number of couples who do elope in the Wine Country whether its Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, or even San Francisco I have created a package specifically designed for couples who elope here (email Christophe for this special pricing.) Napa offers a seemingly endless supply of venues for a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

Personally, I love an elopement.  I find them to be the most intimate and romantic weddings of all:  a couple in love, saying their vows to each other.  No high stress guests, no family drama, nobody to entertain –just a couple in love vowing to spend the rest of their lives together… how wonderful.

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