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Napa Baby Photography – 12 Months, the freedom

10/17/11 7:04 PM

At twelve months, your baby has definitely become his/her own person. There is no question if you have a shy baby, an outgoing baby, or Daddy’s little girl. Babies at this age are just plain yummy. They observe the world through fresh eyes, experiencing everything for the first time –first piece of chocolate birthday cake, first ride on a steam train, first few words spoken, and of course, they are beginning to attempt those amazing first steps. We will witness the wonder of their movements and lightness of being together, and capture them on film forever!

In this photography session, we will take the show out of doors, in the fields just outside our Napa Valley studio, so be sure to bring a few outfit changes. There will be plenty of time to work on singular portraits, as well as photographs of you as a family, complete with parents and baby. With out fail, the smiles on the baby will be contagious. Everyone will have a terrific day.

Be sure to bring lots of props for your baby to play with. If there is a favorite toy, a shaker, or blanket bring them. If you have a marvelous hat or two, or even sunglasses — babies LOVE to play with sunglasses… bring them and we’ll have a blast.

Twelve months is an incredibly magical time in a baby’s life. We will capture it for you to treasure always.

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