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Family Photography in Napa

I just had an incredible photo shoot with a wonderful family I have been working with for years. The kids are adorable, and the parents aren’t too bad either!  We took a few terrific photographs in the creek that actually look like a band’s album cover.  Check out the attitude, the light, and the composition. If only they were in a band!

Then I set up a white screen behind my trampoline, and we took separate pictures of each family member as they jumped in the air.  Each person’s personality comes out in spades –life, laughter and love.  When I pasted them all together, the final piece just plain makes you smile.

We took several portraits of the children alone beneath the trees.  The son brought his skateboard, and we were able to take some great action shots, and the daughter brought just about every accessory known to man –hats, scarfs, sunglasses, and those crazy sillybands… The resulting photographs quite simply warm your heart.  These are great kids with loads of personality.

I took a macho picture of father and son flexing their muscles, and mother and daughter playing with sunglasses. It was a great day –with amazing results.  The family is thrilled, once again.   I look forward to their next trip to the studio.  It’s always a blast.

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