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Baby Photography in Napa

04/12/10 11:24 PM

My Bebe Collection has got me thinking…  these tiny, precious beings come to earth and change absolutely everything around us!  No matter what you think your life will be like when they arrive, it’s always very different.  The one universal in all families with new babies is love.

Babies deliver love to a family – the kind of indescribable love that takes you to a place you didn’t know existed, and this love for a child continues to grow for a lifetime.  As an artist and a father, I consider photographing magical moments between family members, nothing short of a privilege and an honor.  Now I’ve decided to offer something easily accessible for any family so they can capture this feeling and savor it forever.  It is called The Bebe Collection.

The Bebe Collection highlights each pivotal milestone in a baby’s new life with a photography session for babies who are 3, 6, and 12 months old.  I’ve learned that calm parents with a content, happy baby make the best subjects.  Through many years of experience, I have more than a few tricks I use to put everyone at ease during the photo shoot.  The results have been nothing short of  breathtaking and inspirational.

My Bebe Collection has been very successful.  Parents are thrilled to have three different stages of their baby’s life in one place to relish and share with others.  It’s quite simply beautiful.

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